Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The end of the walk

Yesterday, Memorial Day was the last day of the walk. I am fine but my feet are telling me loud and clear that it is time to hang up my sneakers. I will make a summary post on the blog tomorrow. 

Robin Robinett fellow Liberty Bell Wanderer's Mom, Carol hosted me for the last thirteen days which is a new record. She definitely treated me as a member of the family bringing me to her grandsons high school graduation where he was awarded a nearly  $70,000 Army scholarship and took me to an outdoor wedding. She was concerned I wouldn't have any dress clothes and shoes and called to find out my sizes (not necessary). 

She took me to the gate of Whiteman AFB to see the B-52 on static display. In Sedalia she gave me a tour of the state fairgrounds, the KATY Depot and the memorial park for Scott Joplin. 

As I moved further west we spent the last nights at Robin's sister Rachel's families house. Great meals were provided throughout. Carol spotted me and my car every day. She was determined to get me to Kansas and she did. 

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