Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 070 - Rock Hill to Ellisville MO

Today started sunny but ended up mostly cloudy. Temps ranged from the 60's to the low 80's.

Leonard did the entire walk for the third consecutive day. Leonard is now tied for second place with Anne Kat Dittrich. He is one walk behind Karen & Jim Iden.

The walk was entirely thru commercial areas which surprised me considering we finished almost thirty miles from downtown St Louis. As US Route 50 traverses the country it does not go thru many big cities. Today's walk may be the last walk entirely thru commercial areas until I hit Southern California.

Today is the First "World Ovarian Cancer Day". Twenty seven ovarian cancer organizations from seventeen countries around the world united to educate their communities about ovarian cancer and its symptoms. The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is a participant in this wonderful inaugural event. Ovarian cancer is diagnosed annually in nearly a quarter of a million women globally, and is responsible for 140,000 deaths each year.

Why is this day necessary?
Ovarian Cancer has the lowest survival rate of any gynecologic cancer. All women are at risk for ovarian cancer. Many women think that the Pap Test is a screening test for ovarian cancer. It is NOT!
Many women do not know that there are Ovarian Cancer symptoms.
Approximately 25000 women are diagnosed with OC in the US each year.

What can you do?
Share these symptoms with other women and if they last more than two weeks please see your gynecologist.

Eating less
Abdominal pain
Trouble with your bladder

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