Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 073- Union to Leslie MO

Temps were in the 50's & 60's. The day started mostly sunny. The last hour became overcast with a 15 mph headwind. Right as the walk ended it became mostly sunny again. 

Early on in the walk I came across a turtle a couple feet off the side of the road. After I took his picture he headed away from the road back into the grass which was a very wise move. 

I had noticed remains of what I thought could have been armadillos along the highway the past week or so. I convinced myself I must have been mistaken. I felt they couldn't possibly be this far north. I talked to Diane and Leonard who both said they had heard rumors but doubted it. 
The armadillos have definitely arrived. I saw the unmistakable remains of four armadillos on a five mile stretch of highway today. 

As I walked thru Beaufort the daughter of the owner of The Pit BBQ flagged me down.  A couple driving a church van had offered me a ride earlier in the day. She had talked to them. She and her Dad insisted that I come in and have a pulled pork sandwich. The sandwich was awesome. 

Trivia Question:

Now that I've crossed the Mississippi  River the media broadcast call signs have changed from starting with "W" to "K". 

Name two broadcast call signs east of the Mississippi that start with a "K".  

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