Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 071 - Ellisville to Gray Summit MO

Today rain threatened the entire day. It was overcast with temps in the 60's. 

Diane Holdiman of the St Louis Stuttgart AVA Walking Club joined me for the first half of the walk. She and her husband plotted out a course using bike paths that went thru a very nice area and got us off busy Missouri Route 100. 

We passed the Big Chief Roadhouse established 1929. Next we passed a home that had a one hole golf course in their side yard. It was complete with tee, golf ball cleaner, water hazard with bridge and manicured green with the pin in the hole. The neighbor with the garage on the far side of the green would not want me playing thru. 

Five minutes after Diane's husband picked her up it started pouring. It only lasted five or ten minutes but it forced me to put on my rain gear. I passed Stovall's Grove Dance Hall and Saloon which had a stagecoach out front. 

The terrain was rolling hills. I expected this part of Missouri to be flatter. I should have been suspicious when start points for the remainder of the state have names with "mount", "summit" and "hill" in them. This was the hilliest terrain I've encountered since I walked with my sister from Brownsville Cemetery to Jacksontown, Ohio on April 4th. 

People have asked me how they can see old blog's.  On the extreme bottom right of the blog is a section titled ARCHIVE. Click on the month and then the day to view any old blog. 

People have asked how they can find my blog if they forget the link. If you type "Dave Brown Ovarian Cancer" in the Google search box you should have no trouble finding it. This is really sad considering that Dave Brown was such a common name that I worked with four others while I was at Vanguard. 

Trivia answer:

The Gateway Arch was completed on 10/28/65.  The height and width are both 630 feet.  The arch is the tallest memorial in the United States and the tallest stainless steel monument in the world. 

It is one heck of an optical illusion that the arch is not taller than it is wide. To prove it Leonard and I both paced it off before we started our walk on Tuesday. 

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