Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 081 - Tipton to Otterville MO

Temps started in the70's under an overcast sky and ended near 90 when the sun came out at the end of the day.  Positioning my car and me was a crazy exercise in trying not to run over the couple dozen turtles we encountered trying to cross the road. 

I started two miles east of Tipton and arrived at St. Andrews Church in Tipton  for 9 AM Mass just as it started raining. I met Becky Holiday of the Tipton Times. She introduced me to her Mom. Becky's sister Therese Vela is an ovarian cancer survivor who lives in Texas. Becky took a picture in front of the church and I was back underway. The rain had stopped. It cooled things of for an hour or so. 

As I left Tipton I passed the "eight ball" water tower. There used to be a pool table factory located there. I passed a number of wheat fields. 

I did the last third of the walk on old US 50. Just before entering Otterville in Brownfield Roadside Park there was a plaque  commemorating the July 1876 James Gang robbery of a Missouri Pacific train. They got away with over $20,000. 

Yesterday I forgot to express thanks to the gentleman in the California McDonald's for buying me breakfast and the customers  who made  donations.  

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