Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 079 - St Martins to McGirk MO

Temps were in the 60's & 70's. The day started overcast and became partly cloudy.  I walked down old Route 50 which had a lot less traffic. I only had to go on Route 50 for one short stretch.  I walked by a number of nice houses that had private lakes. I walked by a stone shop that had samples. The road went along parts of the AMTRAK line between Jefferson City and Sedalia. I saw one train go by. 

KRCG played the interview last night and again this morning. It has been posted to the blog.  There must have been a dozen people that told me they'd seen the interview. When I went into the Dudley Restraunt in St Martins the staff and clients bought me a coffee and a bacon & egg sandwich and made a donation.

A cancer survivor stopped me made a donation and offered to call ahead and have lunch waiting for me at Tammy's Restraunt in Centertown. I told her thanks but I could not eat that much while walking. When I got to Tammy's the staff wanted to buy me lunch. I took a sweet tea. 

A number of people honked and waved. On person asked how far I was walking. When I told him California he though I meant California, MO which I am walking thru tomorrow. 

Missouri is the first state that I've walked in that has no mile markers on US highways. This makes estimating the finish time each day more difficult. I walked by the McGirk post office which may be the smallest one I've seen. 

I ran into another turtle today that was determined the grass was greener on the other side of the road. For the last twenty minutes of the walk a black labrador decided he was my best buddy and chased after me. He crisscrossed the street numerous times. I had to play traffic cop warning cars that he was there. I thought I lost him once when he jumped into a lake to cool off but he came charging back. When I got to the end of the walk he ran into the garage of the shop where I had parked the car. I had to help the owner get him out. 

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  1. Again with the car? This is unbelievable. Here I was ready to donate, offer a place to stay, food, walking company... My mother past several years ago and I would have done all that I could to help you and this fundraiser out, but this is utterly disturbing. You and all involved should be ashamed of yourselves.