Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 084 - La Monte to Warrensburg MO

Temps were in the 50's and 60's  under an overcast sky. Walking against a 25 mph headwind if it would have been any cooler I could have used a jacket. 

On the way to drop me off we made a short detour to the gate to Whiteman Air Force Base. There was  B-52D Stratofortress on static display. This plan was the workhorse bomber during the Vietnam War. 

Just as I started walking I passed a round red silo with an open top that had a large tree growing out of it. It appeared to be strung with Christmas lights. The were a number of planes from Whiteman Air Force Base flying training missions again today. At the end of the walk there was an auto repair shop that had a pink car mounted on top of a utility pole. 

Thanks to Jack Miles editor of the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal for doing an interview and buying me lunch. Thanks also to Elyn Hirni a senior at University of Central Missouri (UCM) for doing an interview. 

Trivia answer:

The Katy Trail is the country's longest Rails-to-Trails trail at 240 miles. A large portion of the trail follows Lewis and Clark's route along the Missouri River. 

The nickname "Katy" comes from the phonetic pronunciation of 'KT' in the Missouri, Kansas, Texas railroad's abbreviated name, MKT. Since the trail covers much of the distance between St Louis and Kansas City I took a hard look to see if I could use any of the trail to get off US 50 but it just didn't work out. 

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