Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 077 - Linn to Jefferson City MO

Temps were in the 70's & 80's.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The terrain was rolling hills. 

There was a very picturesque modern brick house with a new barn adjacent to it that had a couple dozen head of cattle near by. As I approached the town of Loose Creek there was a  scenic church on a hill overlooking US Route 50.  I startled one turtle and convinced him to stay in the grass. I ran into a second turtle a couple miles down the road. He was determined to cross the highway. I didn't stay around to see how he made out. 

There were a number of turkey farms that I passed with their unique smell. There were countless feathers along the side of the road that I assume were turkey feathers. 

Two lanes were being added to US Route 50 on the east side of Jefferson City near the intersection with US Route 63. I was dealing with a 20 mph headwind for the last half of the walk. That kicked up some serious dust with all the construction going on. When I walked across the Osage River there were a number of boat landings along the side of the river. 

Today's thank you for lodging goes to Margaret Zulkowsky. She is Brenda Maxwell's sister-in-law. Brenda is a two and a half year ovarian cancer survivor that took care of lodging in Cumberland, MD and Effingham IL.  Margaret paid for the past two nights which filled a two day gap. I now have confirmed lodging for the rest of Missouri to the Kansas border. This means I will enter my tenth state having only paid for three nights from the lodging fund spending less than $150 thanks to a ton of generous people.  

Thanks also to Zettie at the front desk of the Baymont Inn & Suites who took care of everything I needed and agreed to match the corporate rate offered by Holiday Inn. This motel serves as the start point for the Jefferson City AVA walk.  

Trivia answer:

State capitals I will walk thru:

1) Ohio - Columbus

2) Indiana - Indianapolis 

3) Missouri - Jefferson City - I will walk thru town tomorrow

4) Nevada - Carson City

Note: US 50 goes thru Sacramento but I will be heading south at Placerville and will miss Sacramento completely. 

The only capital listed above where I have done an AVA walk is Columbus. 

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