Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 069 - St Louis to Rock Hill MO

Temps were in the 60's. When we started to walk it was perfectly clear right along the western horizon. Everything else was overcast. The entire sky became overcast as the day proceeded.

Leonard did the entire walk for the second day in a row. It has been great having a local tour guide while walking thru the greater St Louis area. Leonard is now tied for third place with the two puppies (Bernard & Lexi), Jim Gilkey and Benjamin Turner.

We started the days walk at the Gateway Arch. The River Road next to the Arch was flooded. Joan and I went to the top of the arch in 1974 on our trip from Corpus Christi, Texas to visit our families in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We have not been to any of the cities on the remainder of the walk until I reach Lake Tahoe, California which we were at during the 2007 AVA Convention.

We cut over to Missouri Route 100 which travels along portions of the famous US Route 66 which went from Chicago to LA. We passed a very unusual round safe sitting along the highway. The tumblers still worked. It was surrounded by a round enclosure like a ball and socket joint. The entire assembly had a built in dolly on the bottom with rollers. I cannot imagine what it would take to move the safe.

As a reward for Leonard finishing the two walks we decided to do a "death by ice cream tour" of St Louis landmark establishments. First we each had an ice cream sunday at Ted Drewes Frozen Custard which has been in business since 1929.

Next stop was Fitz's Restraunt which has featured premium root beer since 1947. We both had a large root beer float. Finally, real draft root beer after being disappointed when I arrived at the Stewart's Root Beer stand the other side of Baltimore five days before they opened. Fritz's has a display area where you can watch the bottling operation. Unfortunately the line was not operating today.

Trivia Answer:

This Friday, I will have walked B) 1/3 of the distance to San Francisco.

Trivia Question:

When was the Gateway Arch completed? How tall and how wide is it?

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