Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 074 - Leslie to Rosebud MO

Temps were in the 40's & 50's on a day without a cloud in the sky. 

Since joining US Route 50 on  Friday the highway has been basically straight and fairly level running primarily along ridge lines. The area has been heavily forested. The road has had wide paved shoulders. 

Leonard joined me for the entire walk.  Leonard is now in undisputed first place edging out Karen and Jim Iden. Leonard walked 70 miles with me in the past week which is 2.3% of the entire walk. It has been great that six out of the last seven days I have had someone walk with me. 

There were the remains of at least two additional armadillos along the side of the road today. 

Trivia answer: 

Two broadcast call signs east of the Mississippi that start with "K" instead of "W":

KDKA - Pittsburgh 

KYW - Philadelphia 

Trivia question:

Each state has had unique road signs. What do the black signs pictured at the end of the blog represent with the characters "509701" & "509701A" represent?


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