Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 082 - Otterville to Sedalia MO

Temps started pleasantly in the 60's  under an overcast sky that threatened rain all day.  It sprinkled multiple times but never enough to require me to put on my rain gear. The sun came out behind a high haze toward the end with temps topping out in the low 80's.

On the east side of Sedalia is
Show Me Fabrication Inc which makes custom trailers for fairs. Most of their customers are local but they have made trailers to be used all across the US and even Canada

The Missouri State Fair is held in Sedalia in August. The Fairgrounds is very impressive. 

There was a series of storms that passed thru the region late last night. It knocked out the Internet service where I was staying. This prevented me from posting Sunday's blog until 5:30 AM Central Time which was after midnight at Googles headquarters in California. That is why Sunday's walk Day 081 has Monday's date. Googles date time stamp is something I cannot change. 

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