Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 076 - Mt Sterling to Linn MO

Temps were in the 70's & 80's.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The last third of the walk I had to fight a 25 mph head wind. 

Based on the forecast of temps being in the 80's for the foreseeable future I made the change over from the fluorescent green hoodie I wore each of the first 75 days to summer attire. I have a shirt, pants and hat that were donated by Sun Precautions Inc. The shirt and pants are vented. The hat has a skirt that hangs over my neck that attaches by Velcro and a chin string to ensure that it doesn't blow away.  Their website is on the blog under Supporters. My team at Vanguard gave me a reflective florescent green safety vest.  People  should not have any trouble finding me. 
I started the walk at the Schaeperkoetter Store in Mt Sterling. They gave me a sandwich and litter of iced tea for the road. After ninety minutes I stopped at a picnic table at Gasconade Ridge Roadside Park to eat my sandwich. To the north you could see the Missouri River Valley where Lewis and Clark travelled and returned. To the south it seemed like you could see forever. 

I passed a cemetery with an unusual name and went by the Linn State Technical College. A sergeant on the Osage County police force confirmed that the armadillo invasion started two years ago. He said one day he saw one out moving around in the snow. 

To my knowledge I am the only person to walk across the US for ovarian cancer. OCRF found out that Ref Bauer is walking 350 K across Scotland in memory of his Mom. I posted the video in the Ovarian Cancer section of the blog. 

Trivia answer:

After several days of experimental transmissions, the station officially went on-the-air on April 12, 1924. On the evening of the formal dedication, Sears changed the call sign to WLS Radio.  The call letters stood for World's Largest Store, a name the giant retailer and catalogue merchant had gained from their West Side Headquarters on Homan Avenue in Chicago. 

Trivia question:

How many current state capitals will I walk thru?

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