Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 064 - Vandalia to Smithboro IL

The temps were in the 60's and 70's. We drove thru a shower positioning my car. By the time I started walking it was mostly sunny.

As has happened on a number of recent walks it became more overcast as the walk progressed. I did not walk in the rain. By the time I'd gone to the rest room and purchased an iced tea at the mini mart at the end of the walk it was raining. It poured later in the afternoon. Rain is in the forecast for the next couple days and a flash flood warming is in effect this evening in Fayette County.

I took Illinois Route 140 from the south of Vandalia to Smithboro. It was a totally rural walk. There were very narrow berms. This did not matter due to the small volume of traffic. I took a picture of a sign in front of VFW Post 3862.

There was only one train that passed me today. I was far enough away from the Interstate that the only sounds you could hear were farm animals, birds, and insects. The water levels in the fields had gone down considerably. If the weather plays out as forecast it will not help out in this regard.

After completing the walk I toured the Fayette County Museum. It is located in the building where the Presbyterian Church had been located. The church sanctuary was on the top floor and is being restored. The museum has exhibits on Lincoln, the Statehouse, the National Road and the Madonna of the Trail. Many farm and personal objects had been donated to the collection.

Trivia Answers:

1) The National Road from Cumberland Maryland to Vandalia Illinois is approximately 620-mile (1,000 km) long

2) I have walked thru the following towns with "Brown" in the name:

Brownsville, Pennsylvania
Brownsville, Ohio
Brownstown, Illinois

Trivia question:

Each state has a unique sign to designate the National Road. What is the silhouette positioned on the shield on the Illinois sign shown in the picture on today's blog. What is the origin of the name?

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