Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 089 - Freeman MO to Louisburg, KS

Temps started in the 70's.  It poured during the first half of the walk. The rain gear worked well. During the second half of the walk the sun came  out and the temp was near 80. 

On the way to Freeman I passed a BP fuel storage tank farm. You could smell the petroleum. I also passed an RV Park. I passed Midway Elementary School which looked brand new. I traveled on Missouri 2 until at the state border it became Kansas 68. 

Towards the end of the walk I passed two working oil wells and the entrance to Cedar Cove Feline Conservancy Park. 

Kansas is the 10th state I've walked in and the first state that I had not been in before. Once when I was flying home to Norfolk from Corpus Christi, Texas my co pilot was from Kansas and we were supposed to make a stop in Kansas. It didn't work out. I have been to 39 states. Joan was in every state I was in except for Kentucky. 

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