Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 066 - Pocahontas to St Jacob IL

The temperature was in the 40's. Overnight there was more snow in western Missouri. We drove thru heavy rain staging my car. It had tapered of to intermittent light rain during the walk. The cashier where I left my car had lost her grandmother to ovarian cancer a year ago.

The first half of the walk was on a frontage road next to Interstate 70. There was minimal traffic on the road. There was the constant roar of traffic from the interstate.

As I went thru Highland I passed the
Blue Springs Cafe. Billboards touted that it had been seen on the Food Network and featured foot high pies. After completing the walk I sampled a slice of foot high banana cream pie which was excellent.

The Liberty Bell Wanderers AVA Walking Club has a plaque at a tree in Lorimer Park, PA honoring deceased members of the club. Every fist Saturday of May they meet prior to doing a 10 K walk thru the park to read off a roll call of the members we've lost. I miss them all.

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