Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 060 - Greenup to Montrose IL

Temps were in the 50's. It rained during the first half of the walk.

Property right of way markers in Illinois are similar in size and composition to the markers in Indiana. The difference is that they have the letters R O W spelled out vertically.

In Jewett I was watching two men load a semi truck from a grain silo. Apparently the grain would not flow freely so one of the men straddled the grain shoot and was prodding it with a pole. I'm not sure how he got up on the grain shoot.

For the past two days a main CSX freight rail line has run parallel to my route. Trains have frequently been going by in either direction at 45 miles an hour. Some trains have had four engines and up to 130 cars. Most of the time there has only been one track. I have not seen a single train slow down or be stopped on a siding. It would be really interesting to know how they choreograph the trains passing each other.

Thanks to Nadine & James for providing lodging for the past two nights.

Trivia question:

We walked across a covered bridge yesterday in Greenup. Why are covered bridges covered? Why not just have wooden planks across a stream without the canopy?

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