Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 054 - Greencastle to Harmony IN

Temps for the walk were in the 40's and 50's on a bright sunny day. Today's walk was rural passing thru a few small towns.

In the vicinity of Greencastle I left US 40 to travel on an original section of the National Road. It was a nice break getting away from the busy four lane divided highway. Behind the old Walker Motel there is a long concrete bridge over Deer Creek. In the early twentieth century this was the only way across the creek until US 40 was rerouted to its current location. From this bridge travelers can view four generations of the National Road.

I walked past the Putnam County Correctional Facility which was a large complex. Shortly past the prison I saw a Thoroughbred Retirement Farm sign which I decided to take a picture of to post on Facebook. As I was taking the picture two correctional facility officers wanted to know what I was doing on correctional facility property. I told them I had checked in at the Indiana Highway Patrol barracks five minutes ago. They said that was a different agency. I wasn't near the fence but apparently once I had stepped off Route 40, I had entered their property. They were concerned about people leaving items along the road for the inmates. They asked if I had left two water bottles near the rifle range. I assured them I had not. They asked if they could see my water bottle and fortunately it was a different brand.

I wonder if they had done a background check on me and seen that in the 1970's I was the pilot in command of a Grumman Navy C-1 aircraft that was the getaway plane for a major drug deal near Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Too long and convoluted a story to explain here. Anyone that wants the details can discuss it with me over a beer someday.

I walked another original section of the Nation Road near the end of the walk. I saw four wild turkeys

Today's media thank you goes to Joyce Orlando who did an interview for an article that may appear inthe Wednesday issue of the Greencastle Banner Graphic.

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