Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 038 - Etna to Columbus OH

The day was overcast with temps in the 40's. Brian, Nicole, Kristin, Chris, Dan, Christie , Matt and Evan from the Defense Supply Center Columbus where my sister retired from two years ago showed up to send us off.

Nine persons walked with me today. Brittney a 21year old ovarian cancer survivor, her friend Shane (aka Big Bear) and her parents Doug & Wendy walked the first ten miles. Loretta a good friend of my Mom walked the first 2.5 miles. She had made a custom fluorescent green shirt like Jim and Karen. My sister Diane for the third day in a row walked the last nine miles. Greg a traveling hospice worker joined us in Reynoldsburg.

My cousin Jim and his wife Karen completed their second complete day tying the puppies Bernard and Lexi for second place. Brittney and Big Bear were by far the fastest walkers in the group.

Early in the walk we saw four turkey vultures in an open field. Once we got to Reynoldsburg you could see the Columbus skyline in the distance.

In Reynoldsburg I walked by my fourth and final aunt's house of the walk. My Aunt Martha and her friend Judy visited with the group. The group enjoyed two gourmet food stops: Jolly Pirate Donuts and White Castle hamburgers.

Thanks to Brooke Stromp and Ethan for taping the interview that appeared on WSYX 6 (ABC) & WTTE 28 (FOX) Columbus. Thanks also to Charla Devine & John Winchell who invited me to the Grand Opening of The Hebron Historical Society Museum. They had some interesting exhibits on the National Road.

Trivia answer:

The walk is about 3000 miles long and I take around 2000 steps per mile so I will walk roughly six million steps.

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