Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 045 - Brookville to New Paris OH

The temps were in the low 40's on an overcast day with a 15 mph headwind.

Jim and Karen's daughter Samantha completed the entire walk. She received her undergraduate degree from Wittenberg University in Springfield just a couple blocks north of where here parents and I walked on Wednesday. She is getting her masters in Accounting from Miami of Ohio. She will start as an auditor at a public accounting firm in Columbus in August.

Sam is very athletic participating in a number of sports including soccer and cross country. It was the fastest day of walking I've done with a companion. I that told her that she only has to do three more walks to catch up with her parents.

A very friendly husky decided he was going to join us for part of the walk. We never did find out who he belonged to. It was difficult trying to keep him from running out into the street. We were afraid he might get hit by a car.

Most of the walk was thru rural farmland. Sam made a comment that the smells reminded her of good memories of visiting relatives that lived on farms when she was younger. I felt the same.

I had expected my walk to be much more of a walk of solitude. Nine of the last ten days someone has walked at least part of the day with me which has been great.

Trivia answer:

The walk is scheduled to take 227 days. There were no days off written into the schedule. So far there have been two days that I have not walked due to forecast significant snow. I walked a double each day ahead of the forecast snow to stay on schedule.

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