Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 033 - Lore City to New Concord OH

The temps were in the 30's and low 40's. The day started overcast with snow flurries and ended mostly cloudy with a steady 10 mph headwind. The terrain was gentle rolling hills.

The first 90 minutes was on Ohio Route 265 getting back to US Route 40. As I approached Cambridge I was near the triple decker Interstate 70 / 77 Interchange. It was designed by the father of one of my brothers classmates and was the largest highway interchange in Ohio.

Half a century ago when we went to visit our relatives before Interstate 70 was built the traffic was so bad that sometimes our parents would let my sister, brother and I get out of the car and burn off energy by walking thru Cambridge while the car was stuck in traffic.

The US 40 picture was of the Civil War Monument in front of the Court House. Today there are large granite memorial markers. The 1983 picture may show construction underway preparing for the addition of the memorial markers.

During the last two miles of the walk there was a drainage ditch and marshland running parallel to the road. Tree frogs coming out of hibernation created a surprisingly loud continuos symphony.

My Mom had contacted some people about walking starting from Jacksontown on Friday morning. For anyone that is interested we will be leaving from the intersection of National Road (old US Route 40) and Jacksontown Road (Ohio Route 13) at 9 AM.

Many people have asked what they should do if they want to walk with me. My schedule is on my blog in the ROUTES / MAPS section. Note: Each day lists the STARTING location. Take a look and once you've decided where you want to walk give me a call at 610-906-6252 to confirm my location and times that day.

Answer to trivia question : How many miles will I walk from Atlantic City to San Francisco?

3129.9 Total miles AC -> SF
- 5.6 Delaware Memorial Bridge
- 1.7 Thomas Hatem Bridge
- 122.8 Interstate 70 in Utah
- 5.5 San Fran /Oakland Bridge
2994.3 Miles walked

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  1. Nice the frogs were singing to you today !!!