Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 052 - Indianapolis to Plainfield IN

Temps started at freezing and stayed in the 30's. The day began sunny but clouded up as the day went on. It was cold enough at the beginning of the walk for me to see my breath and slide on a patch of ice.

After dropping off my car I spotted a doughnut shop on the route and spent the first half of the walk trying to decide what type of donut I would buy. I arrived at Al's Donuts which has been in business since 1960 at 9:58 AM. They close at 9:30 (unless sold out earlier). I could see the empty display case and smell the aroma of donuts. Life is definitely not fair.

I love doughnuts. When I was in flight training my roommate and I drove from Pensacola to New Orleans to go to the French Quarter to get beignets. It was a six-hour round-trip.

A little further on in Plainview I came across a very impressive pedestrian bridge that led to a park. The stream it crossed was very swollen.

Joe Frost had helped me locate the house in the US 40 picture near Belleville using Google street view and satellite view. I stopped at Dawn's Dinner and asked one of the waitresses Janet Lynn to verify that I was at the right place. She said that her sister and brother-in-law had lived in that house.

The Vale's said that this was one of the most difficult pictures for them to locate since the only remnants from the farmstead shown in the 1953 picture was a barn and a stone arch bridge that the driveway passes over that had become overgrown. They needed to go to the Friendly Inn which no longer exists to ask for help. The barn that was in the 1953 picture is a shambles.

The bad news is that today was the last day for Dawn's Dinner until they can find a new location. The good news is that the all you can eat breakfast buffet was great and there were unlimited cinnamon rolls. Life is fair after all.

Todays media thank you goes to my cousin Donna Kay who lives in Southern California. She submitted an article to the Daily Breeze. The link to the article has been added to the MEDIA COVERAGE section of the blog.

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