Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 036 - Hopewell to Jacksontown OH

Temps ranged from the 30's to the 40's. with sunny skies and light winds. Terrain was rolling hills. There was only one commercial establishment the entire walk a small service station / mart near the start.

At the beginning of the walk I encountered a geographical oddity. I walked from Muskingum County into Licking County back into Muskimgum and then back into Licking. Licking County is shaped like a rectangle with a notch taken out of the southeast corner. Both US 40 and I-70 cross the southeast corner at just the right angle. Take note of the county signs next time you take I-70 between Zanesville and Columbus.

After 5 miles I met my sister Diane at the Cedar Hill / Brownsville Cemetery. Our cousin Donna Kay's husband Tom is the family historian. He sent us detailed documentation that allowed us to find the graves on our fathers side of the family of our cousin that died as an infant, our aunt and uncle our grandparents a set of great grandparents and a great great grandmother.

Diane walked with me the final nine miles. Flint Ridge State Park is three miles north of Brownsville. All of Ohio's prehistoric peoples used Flint Ridge flint to make their spearpoints, arrowheads, or other tools. Flint ridge was like a Switzerland for Indian tribes. Members of rival tribes would gather flint at the same time and take it back to fight another day.

Flint is really common throughout the area. I gave Joan a flint stone the size of a grapefruit. She put it in her parents flower garden. When her Dad saw it he wanted to know what the ugly rock was doing in his flower garden.

We passed the Eagle's Nest monument which is a large granite rock that commemorates the experimental paving of a 29 mile section of pavement from Zanesville to Hebron from 1914 - 1916.

Todays media thanks goes to Jesse the photographer from the Newark Advocate and Andres David Castellanos a journalist from Columbia University that is writing a story on thousand mile walkers.

Trivia answer to items I carry in my pockets related to the walk:

Walk business cards (Steve Angello - Gretz Beer Co)
Ovarian cancer business cards (OCRF)
AVA business cards (AVA)
Whistle / compass (Gwynedd-Mercy College)
LED flashlight (Bob Gambert)
Cell phone

Trivia Question

Today I walked past signs for a "measured mile" used to check you car's odometer. How long did it take me to walk the measured mile?

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  1. Interesting how you walked in and out then in again to Licking County !