Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 048 - Dublin to Knightstown IN

The day started off with a call from Vanguard.. Apparently I am still on an on-call list. I was being asked about an IT elevation that was underway. I retired from Vanguard in June of 2012 six years earlier than I had planned in order to do the walk. I cannot say enough good about the company and the incredible support my managers gave me when Joan was sick.

The second humorous thing that happened this morning was when I went to meet Benjamin who was helping me position my car I went to the wrong town. I was waiting for him in Cambridge City when I should have been a couple miles down the road in Dublin. Fortunately he was running late and I unrealized my mistake before he got there.

While I was mistakenly in Cambridge City I ran into a man who lost his Mom to ovarian cancer three years ago. He made a generous donation and offered to have me stay at his house. I told him thanks but that I have lodging lined up through Casey Illinois. I then talked to two women who were walking at a rapid pace. One of the woman was a survivor of a sarcoma reproductive cancer. Joan's ovarian cancer was a sarcoma which is rare and aggressive.

The temperature was in the 60's. We drove thru some heavy downpours placing the car in position which convinced me to wear my rain gear. It threatened to rain many times during the day but it did not cut loose again until after we'd finished walking.

We came across an interesting mailbox that was made from an old hand pump used to draw water. As we approached Lewisville we came across a very tall round brick structure whose purpose had us both stumped. We went inside and it was wooden with metal ladders.

Shortly afterward we were flagged down by Chuck Covey owner of Absolute Antiques. He had heard about the walk on Facebook. He asked what he could do to help us. We told him we could use a restroom and the history behind the building we'd just seen. He explained that it was the old village water tower which was wooden and that they had built the brick structure around it to protect it. The new water tower is futuristic looking resembling the Seattle Space Needle. We finished the walk using the original National Road section that runs from Ogden to Raysville.

Benjamin Turner finished his second complete day of walking tying the puppies Bernard and Lexi and Jim Gilkey for third place.

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