Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 050 - Greenfield to Cumberland IN

Temps were in the 70's on an overcast day with a constant 25 mph crosswind out of the south. I was two miles ahead of schedule and started walking early to finish up before the weather warnings took effect later in the day. There was a heavy wind warning for gusts up to 50 mph starting at 11 AM. Fortunately I didn't run into gusts near that level.

Marie, Dick and I took a picture by the statue of James Whitcomb Riley at the Hancock County Courthouse in Greenfield. The town has a festival to celebrate his birthday each October. Dick walked the first two miles with me then Marie picked him up and they were off on their ten hour final leg to get back home to southeast Pennsylvania.

I passed thru the small village of Philadelphia, Indiana. I was disappointed that there were no cheesesteaks or soft pretzels in sight.

Once again I did not encounter any rain during the walk. With all the heavy rains the past couple days the streams were still high and the currents rapid. There was still many fields with standing water. I came across another park that had been flooded out.

I spent the last three nights at the home of Andrea and Joe Frost. Joe is the Executive Director of the Indiana National Road Association. Andrea is an RN which is the most honorable profession I know. Almost every RN I've known has been an angel.

I'm not sure who had the most energy their 14 month old son Will who is at the age where everything is an amazing discovery or their very friendly rescue dog Ginny.

Joe gave me historic insights into the surrounding towns and took me on a tour of the area. He gave me literature on the National Road, a t-shirt, lapel pin and bumper sticker.

Trivia answer:

I was the third Keystone Cop from the left with the real red hair, mustache and beard. Barbara Knight who walked all of Day 011 with Anne Kat the puppies and I was the DBA at Lukens Steel before me.

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