Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 037 - Jacksontown to Etna OH

The day was sunny with temps in the 40's and 50's. it was the warmest day in weeks.

Shirley Priest President of the Newark Grotto Chapter and her husband Ron saw us off. She gave us homemade chocolate chip cookies and other goodies for the walk.

My cousin Jim Iden and his wife Karen were the first persons to join me for an entire walk in over three weeks. Karen has worked as a baker at Panera Bread for a number of years. Jim and I were inseparable growing up. He taught me to always think big when doing things (playing Gin Rummy to a million points, etc). Jim & Karen had made custom green fluorescent shirts to match mine with a map of the United States and my blog site painted on the shirts.

I had read that Jacksontown was the end of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It is really true. Yesterday Diane and I climbed and descended a number of hills and today was pretty much dead flat. It looks like the Appalachian Mountains are in the rear view mirror. Next up the Midwest.

My sister joined us for the last nine miles of the walk like she did yesterday. She joined us at the Hebron Public Library where Kristen Craig, Sue Blaha and Mike Aquila wished us well and gave us water and snacks for the trip.

We came across an unusual site. There was a large metal gate that was the entrance to a heavily wooded lot. Tied to the fence were well over a dozen neckties.

I want to thank Newark radio station WCLT for promoting the walk and Mike for doing an interview. Both the Newark Advocate and Zanesville Times Recorder ran articles today. I lowered the MEDIA section of the blog to the bottom right to make it easier to find the other sections.

Trivia Answer:
My Measured mile
= 15 minutes 55.23 seconds
= 3.77 MPH

Trivia Question:
Approximately how many steps will I take crossing the country?


  1. So good to see you had much good company today.
    What up with those neckties ?? LOL

  2. Good luck on the rest of your walk. My dad who recently passed away at the age of 90 was born and raised in Jacksontown (just north and west of the intersection of State Road 13 and National Pike). When we were children, he used to tell us that Andrew Jackson, the town's namesake, fell off his horse and rolled down the grassy bank in front of our Grandma's house. We were gullible children and thought that was the most exciting thing we'd ever heard! Mr. Jackson supposedly spent the night in a hotel at that intersection, long gone. That sounds a lot more plausible than the story my dad told us!