Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 042 - Harmony to New Carlisle OH

Temps were in the 60's and 70's on an overcast day. We drove thru a couple heavy downpours staging my car. The rain held off until after we had walked out of the west side of Springfield. We put on our rain gear under the US 68 underpass and waited a few minutes for the rain to slow down.

My cousin Jim and his wife Karen completed their fourth complete day
Putting them in first place. Karen did it after working last night and going in tonight. We were joined by Jim Gilkey from London who completed his first entire walk. He volunteers on the Buckeye Trail which traverses over 40 of Ohio's counties with over 1444 miles of trails.

We all stop at Schuler's Bakery "The Home of the Home Made" since 1937. The donuts were great. This is where Rob Sneed of 2NEWS WDTN (NBC Dayton) caught up with us and did a taped video interview. We then walked past the third Madonna of the Trail statue I've seen. It had been moved downtown. Connie Bost a Volksmarcher who belongs to the
Tecumseh Trail Blazers and the Wandering Wheels assumed we were volksmarchers on a walk and welcomed us to Springfield.

I have mentioned the seven AVA walks that I did to complete the National Road special program put on by the Ohio clubs. I completed the three in the western part of the state with my sister last July on the day before heading home to PA. Diane did the 5K for each while I did the 10K. The walks were in Columbus which we walked thru Sunday, Springfield which we walked today and Vandalia which I will walk tomorrow.

Thanks goes out to the Newark and other chapters of the OCWMA that made generous donations to the OCRF.

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