Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 049 - Knightstown to Greenfield IN

The temps were in the 50's and 60's on another overcast day that was threatening rain. There was a very strong thunderstorm overnight. All the creeks that I passed were nearly filled to capacity and the currents were really fast. Many of the fields I passed had large pools of standing water. For the second day in a row I carried my rain gear but did not need it.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Benjamin spotted an albino squirrel. I continued walking on the old National Road until joining US 40 at the east end of Knightstown which is named for Johnathan Knight, the man who originally surveyed the National Road from Maryland to Illinois.

Knightstown had a centrally located park with a gazebo and a huge American flag flying at half mast due to the bombing in Boston. I went into the Hoosier Gym which was home to the Hickory Huskers in the movie "Hoosier's." There was a lot of memorabilia in the lobby and the film was playing continuously.

As I walked thru the East side of Greenfield it was just like being home. The heavy rains had caused the Brandywine Creek to overflow it's banks. Much of Riley park was underwater.

I walked an extra two miles to downtown Greenfield to be at a good location to meet Marie and Dick Dague who were on their way home from a visit with their daughter Sandy's family and attending a wedding in Wisconsin. I worked with Dick at Lukens Steel for twenty years.

They took me out to dinner. It was great catching up with them after not having seen them for a couple months. They volunteered to help with positioning my car and I today and tomorrow.

Trivia answer - time changes I will encounter during the walk

March 10 Ellicott City MD Daylight Savings Time lose hour

April 25 Marshall IL Central Time gain hour

June 26 Syracuse KS Mountain Time gain hour

August 24 Baker NV Pacific Time gain hour

The moral of the story is if you want to gain a couple extra hours of sleep take a cross country walk in a westerly direction.

Trivia Question

Look at the last picture in the blog and determine which of the four Keystone Cops is me. It is a picture of the database administration team at Lukens during the late 1980's. The other persons in the picture are Tony Scamuffa, John Hart and Dick Dague.

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