Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 046 - New Paris OH to Richmond IN

The temps were in the 40's and 50's. It was hazy with a high overcast.

The first six miles in Ohio were strictly rural farms. Once I came over the rise looking towards Indiana it reminded me of my first time seeing Las Vegas after the emptiness of the desert but on a much smaller scale. The next eight miles were completely commercial and residential.

Just after crossing into Indiana I saw the biggest cross I'd ever seen. Next up was the US 40 picture. It was taken from a railroad trestle with easy access from McDonald's. It showed what the Vale's had called "the spread of Richmond eastward over the hill across the lowland and beyond to the junction of US 40 and Interstate 70. "

There was still a car dealership on each side of the road but the ownerships have changed. Now there's a Toyota dealer on the left and a Chevrolet dealer on the right. The bowling alley in the 1983 picture is now gone.

In Glen Miller Park I came across the fourth Madonna of the Trail that I've encountered. The inscription on the left side of the statue says: "A nation's highway! Once a wilderness trail over which hardy pioneers made their perilous way seeking new homes in the dense forests of the great North-West."

The Wayne County Courthouse is a beautiful stone structure that looks like a castle. Thanks to the staff at Galo's Italian Grill in Richmond for picking up the tab for dinner in support of the walk. The food there was awesome.

Today's media thank you goes out to Brittany Tressler of the Perkiomen Patch. She was the first online media to cover the walk and is doing weekly updates on my progress. A link to the Perkiomen Patch is in the MEDIA section of the blog.

I expected to change time zones when I got to the state border but it is no longer the case as it was when I was growing up.

Trivia question:

On what days and in what locations on the walk will I encounter time changes.

Extra credit:

What is the reason for each time change and will I gain or lose an hour.

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  1. Oh, I wish I had seen you so I could have waved! I knew about the walk from the Ohio National Road facebook page but I didn't know you were getting so close. I am the owner of the Golden Inn, on Route 40, across from the Today's Harvest, a mile from Indiana. What time did you reach the state line? What a wonderful thing you are doing! Good luck in your travels :)
    Lea Ann Golden