Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 032 - Barnesville to Lore City OH

Temps were in the 40's with a steady rain. The walk was surreal walking down back country roads that we travelled every month visiting my relatives when I was in grade school.

Walking between Quaker City and Salesville I saw that the old B&O rail line where we used to watch trains with over 100 cars full of coal had been abandoned and turned into a rail trail. I did not realize until yesterday that the main B&O rail line actually goes through a tunnel under East Main St in downtown Barnesville. Up to 37 trains a day would pass thru the tunnel during it's heyday.

The line used to pass thru my hometown in Newark were it was joined by the main Pennsylvania Railroad line. There was a switching yard and a roundhouse near our house. Our parents put us on the last B&O passenger train thru Newark in 1961 or 62. My Dad could tell you where every train was going.

I completed my walk and arrived at my Aunt Barbara's and Uncle Gerard's house just as they were sitting down to Easter Dinner with their children and grandchildren. The food was awesome and it was great visiting with my relatives.

My sister Diana in Columbus had invited me to Easter Dinner. I had tentatively accepted so she moved the dinner to 5 PM. I then told her I couldn't make the 200 mile round trip. She and my Mom believed it and were surprised when I walked into Easter Diner number two. My brother Dan saw thru my plan and was expecting me. Diana's children Tracy and Brian were there with their families. Another great meal and a chance to visit with my relatives.

I spent the last four nights at my Aunt Aldreda's house. She is an expert quilter, bakes her own bread and hung the Sheetrock in the extension she added to her house. She always had food waiting for me. My cousin Diane spotted me and my car the last four days and was always one step ahead of me keeping me on track.

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  1. Love the family pix wonderful you get to visit along the way !