Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 011 - Catonsville to Cooksville MD

It was a sunny day starting in the 30's but quickly warming up to the 50's.

Four companions joined me at the start and made it to the finish joining Carol Talaga on the list. Barbara Knight a dear friend who worked with me at both Lukens Steel and Vanguard who has recently become an LBW member joined me along with Anne Kat Dittrich and her two dogs Bernard and Lexi.

Anne is a long time Volksmarcher who is my new best buddy since she is considering escorting me across
South Mountain between Frederick and Hagerstown.

After a short distance Cathy Eshmont joined us. She lives nearby and will be celebrating her seven year anniversary as an ovarian cancer survivor next month. I told her that my 10 year anniversary for prostate cancer was last month.

She took us to the Ellicott City Visitors Center where she introduced us to Vickie Goeller who gave me a generous gift card to use on the walk. She showed us where the next US 40 Today picture was shot on Main Street. Being a Historic District the picture I took looked very similar to the 1983 picture. Vickie related to us a long list of buildings in the picture that had changed their ownership in the past thirty years.

As we walked out of town Cathy told us how the Ellicott brothers had moved down from Bucks County PA in 1772 to found the town. As we walked out of town you could see mileposts that the brothers had installed every mile showing the distance to Baltimore.

Congratulations go out to another local resident Eileen who just turned 55 and is celebrating her 6th year as an ovarian cancer survivor.

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  1. Glad to hear of all the support you're getting . Congrats on finishing day 11 !