Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 024 - Fort Necessity to Uniontown PA

The day was sunny with temps starting at 30 and maxing out in the high 30's. My water bottle did not freeze at all today.

Shortly after starting I passed a meadow with over two dozen wild turkeys. The first US 40 picture was of Braddock's Grave. George Washington was afraid that Indians would violate his grave so General Braddock's body was buried under the road that his troops had recently completed at a rate of three miles a day. The troops then marched over the grave during their retreat to mask all signs of it. In 1804 what was assumed to be his remains were moved to this location. One interesting note is that a second very large stone commentating the burial site that was missing in the 1983 picture has reappeared in the same location.

After crossing a few smaller ridges I crossed the very long and fairly steep Chestnut Ridge which had a great overlook view of Uniontown. When I got to Uniontown it was finally warm enough to take off the hurricane jacket I've needed for days and show my florescent green colors. The Fayette County Courthouse was a very impressive stone building.

The next US 40 picture was of the Toll House. The biggest change since 1983 was the addition of black full sized statues of a farmer guiding his sheep that had been added a year ago. They were hidden by the building in my picture. I stopped in at the Fayette County Historical Society. The friendly staff show me a picture of the Toll House taken during a 1905 reenactment of the last toll being taken.

Due to the forecast of possible snow tomorrow I walked an extra four
miles. We went to an Byzantine Rite Catholic Church for Palm Sunday vigil services that reminded me of the church Joan's grandparents went to on top of the hill in Bridgeport, PA.

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  1. The story of Braddock's Grave was very interesting . I learned something .

    Glad the walking weather cooperated today !