Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 003 - Buena to Elmer NJ

Today was the coldest day so far. I wore an extra layer of clothes. Once again sun did not appear as forecast. Temperature stayed around 40. I saw a few flurries and the banana I carried for lunch was nearly frozen.

David madden wrote an article for CBS Philly / KYW which is in the MEDIA COVERAGE section of the blog.

About an hour into the walk I was greeted by Michelle Filluzzi and a handsome young lad Christian James. They had seen the Fox 29 interview and wanted to say hi. If anyone does want to say hi as I walk by I should be easy to spot with my fluorescent green hoodie.

Once it gets warmer I will be wearing a fluorescent green vest. My entire route is in the ROUTE /MAPS section of the blog. Note that each day the city listed is where I start the walk. If you're having trouble finding me call my cell 610-906-6252.

About 90 minutes into the walk I came upon a beautiful outdoor St Padre Pio Shrine. I paid my respects. Joan had a passion for Padre Pio. Our friend Barbara had gotten a wheel chair and taken us to the St Padre Pio Shrine in Barto, PA on the first Sunday that she was out of the hospital after surgery. That was a very good day.


  1. Thank you for sharing the photos of the St Padre Pio shrine. How appropriate that you would come across that shrine on your walk .
    I think you have an angel guiding your way .
    Hope the weather warms up some for you .
    Day 3 under your belt ...go Teal Warrior !

  2. That's a very very nice location. I really really like going to peaceful places like that. Me and the whole team of my cancer alternative treatment center would like to visit this place as well. Warm regards to you.