Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 023 - Addison to Fort Necessity PA

Last night was the first night in the RV. It is really spacious with all the comforts of home. Once again the crew of the Blue Goose pampered us with food, drinks, gift certificates and helped us with the RV generator which would not kick off last night.

The weather for today's walk was a carbon copy of yesterday's. I managed to keep my water from freezing by putting the water bottle between my hurricane jacket and my hoodie. It just had a few ice chips today.

The National Road mile markers kept referring to Petersburg which confused me. It turns out that Addison was named Petersburg in the early 1800's. I walked across about a half dozen unmarked ridges and by the Youghiogheny River Lake which was really scenic.

I want to thank Tara the reporter and Robert from the Uniontown Herald Standard who will be doing an article in Sunday's edition. Also Ananda who is an anchor at WHAG TV Hagerstown and a full time student at Georgetown that is doing an article for the college paper.

The walk finished at Fort Necessity where we took a US 40 Today picture of a replica of the old fort. The 1953 picture was a picture of an impressive fort that the park service tore down a few years later because they found documentation that it was not historically accurate. Other than adding an earthen mound my picture was very similar to the much less impressive replica in the 1983 picture.

Nearby we saw a sign for a fish dinner at St Joan of Arc Church. The parish adopted us to the point of providing supplies, food, donating money for the walk and providing overnight parking for the RV.

The repairs on my car have been completed. They diagnosed the problem to have been caused by rodents chewing on a wiring harness. I have no idea what state the rodents are from. I will pick it up when I walk to Washington on Monday.

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  1. How appropriate that the church was named Joan of Arc. I think someone is watching over you .