Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 030 - Blaine to Morristown OH

Temps were in the 40's on a sunny day with little wind. The first town I walked thru was St Clairsville which has an impressive stone courthouse. Next I came upon an original Ohio National Road marker. It was freshly painted which allowed for easy reading. They have the distance to Cumberland on the top. On both angled sides are the distance to the next major city above the distance to the closest town. SC = St Clairsville and M = Morristown in the picture.

I have always been fascinated with maps and highways especially the National Road. I walked by my Aunt Aldreda's house. I remember playing there in grade school and being impressed with the fact that at least three iterations of the national road were within site or listening distance.

AVA has special programs for doing things like walking thru college campuses, walking across covered bridges or on civil war battlefields, etc. Joan was the queen of special programs once stamping 15 books on an AVA walk in Wilmington DE.

I am not nearly as fanatical as she was but I did sign up for the National Road program put on by Ohio AVA clubs requiring you to walk six walks in Ohio and a walk in Wheeling. I retired from Vanguard last June 29 and left to see my family in central Ohio well before dawn on June 30 planning to knock out three of the walks en route. I did Wheeling and St Clairsville walking many of the same streets I've walked the past two days. I noticed an extreme amount of tree damage. I then found out from my Aunt Pearl that over half of eastern Ohio was without power due to a freak storm the night before. It was eerie that night driving 75 miles with hardly a street light or traffic light.

I passed the location of the Jamboree in the Hills billed as the Super Bowl of Country Music and a number of country western bars.

I'd like to thank Joe Frost for posting an article in the Indiana National Road Association Newsletter and Kathy Ganster for an excellent article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette that many people commented on.

The answer to yesterday's trivia question is that the Ohio flag is differentiated from other state flags by its pennant shape.

Today's trivia question is how many miles will I walk from Atlantic City to San Francisco?

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