Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 020 - Cumberland to Frostburg MD

Temps were in the 40's on a mostly sunny day. As the temperatures rose the white ground cover from yesterdays snowfall receded especially in the valleys.

I walked from Rocky Gap State Park to Cumberland during the first half of the walk. It was a seven mile long gradual descent. Cumberland is located on the Potomac River and is the origin of the National Road. There was an obelisk commemorating the location downtown.

George Washington was concerned that the settlers in the wilderness (current day Midwest) across the Appalachians would trade with the Canadians and become French or travel down the Ohio / Mississippi Rivers and become Spanish. Before the Revolutionary War he surveyed a route thru the mountains to connect the Potomac River with the Ohio River. In 1806 with Thomas Jefferson as president Congress approved the first federally financed road to connect Cumberland MD with Wheeling, West Virginia (was part of Virginia at the time).

As I headed west from Cumberland I passed the first Toll Gate House on the National trail. It listed the various tolls for persons, animals, wagons etc.

I added a WALKING section to the blog with the links to American Volkssport Association site, the Liberty Bell Wanderers site and two walking videos.

Today's trivia question. When I finished yesterday's walk I had walked 259 miles. How many miles had I put on my car since leaving home on February 27 ? Answer tomorrow. I know I haven't answered the question on the number of pairs of shoes yet. Patience is a virtue.


  1. Hmmm you have put 479 miles on your car?

  2. I am loving the toll rates. Having drivin an 18 wheeler in NY, I can appreciate this..