Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 022 - Grantsville MD to Addison PA

An inch of snow fell overnight. I was just starting to work on the logistics of walking the next couple days in the mountains of western PA with snow in the forecast when the cavalry arrived in the form of Bob Gambert and his 33 ft RV.

Bob is retired Army, former Vice President of the Keystone State Volkssport Assn and a world traveller who recently returned from Germany. Our first order of business was to get my car to the Honda dealership in Washington PA. I was getting warnings for my ABS & VSA. It was a 90 minute drive thru three states with varied weather including a snow squall. I will walk back to pick up the car next Monday.

During the walk it was overcast with temps in the 20's, intermittent flurries and a 20 mph headwind with higher gusts. I don't know what the chill factor was but my water bottle froze solid.

I crossed Negro Mountain (2875 ft) and Keyser's Ridge (2800 ft). Next was today 's US 40 Today taken as I crossed the Mason Dixon Line from Maryland into Pennsylvania. Not a lot had changed in the three pictures. I entered the Laurel Highlands section of PA and crossed Winding Ridge Summit (2601 ft). We finished the day at the Blue Goose in Addison, PA where the staff really spoiled us.

I spent last night in the Casselman Inn. It is on the National Register as one of the many old inns that serviced travelers on the National Road. Food was excellent and the price for lodging was really reasonable. The pictures throughout the Inn of Grantsville, the Inn, the National Road etc were fascinating.


  1. I enjoy reading about your travels , seeing your photos and hearing about who helped you along the way.

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  3. So, it's farewell to Maryland and on to bigger (but not necessarily better ;-)) states.... Best wishes on your continued march west, as you follow in the footsteps of George Washington.