Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 026 - Snow Day # 2

Last night we positioned the RV within site of the dealership where my car was located. Reveille was at 6 AM. The accumulating snow had stopped after depositing 3 inches in Washington. It flurried throughout much of the day. At least this time when I walked a double to stay ahead of a forecast snowstorm it snowed.

Bob and I cleared the snow off the RV and my car. We loaded my car and he was off. Bob is a former VP of the KSVA who I had only met once before this past week. He has run very many marathons and walked over 200 AVA marathons in numerous countries. He is obviously an expert in long distance walking and served as my coach and mentor the past four days.

At times I felt like an Indy race car pulling into the pit for a quick turnaround. The RV would appear he would supply me with a hot drink, we would discuss weather forecasts, road conditions and the timing of the walk then he would turn me loose for a couple more laps.

Joan and I took the Historic Trails York White Rose Wanderers bus trip
In May of 2010. We walked in Connellsville, Washington, Mingo Creek, Rices Landing and Greensburg. The hotel we stayed in was just down the street from where my car was worked on. It was across the street from where an Arby's had been located in the 70's. This was the midpoint when driving between Newark, Ohio and Norristown, PA when we were dating. This would be my one stop where I would get a roast beef sandwich and gas the car. The Arby's has been moved to the north side of Interstate 70.

Today the blog went over 10,000 page views. That is insane. In addition to hits from the US and Alaska there have been people from Canada, Brazil, Europe, China and Australia. Keep up the good work telling everyone that you know that might be interested to tell everyone they know.

The answer to yesterday's trivia question:

In lieu of a backpack I have been carrying the following items in the hand warmer / pouch on my hoodie: Sunglasses
Pepper spray
Dog biscuits
A snack
A plastic sleeve with:
Maps for the next two days
US 40 pictures for the next two days
Itinerary for the next month

The pepper spray and dog biscuits are in case a dog gets to aggressive. I have not needed to use them.

I also carry a water bottle on a strap which I refill as I go.

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