Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 031 - Morristown to Barnesville OH

Temps were in the 30's and 40's on a mostly sunny day with no wind. The terrain was gentle rolling hills. Due to US Route 40 being collocated with Interstate 70 between Morristown and Cambridge I needed to detour on Ohio routes 149, 147 and 265.

En route I walked to my Aunt Pearl's house. We had a really good visit. She showed me binders she had put together of family photos and local history. Growing up she could always be counted on for having plentiful supplies of home made jellies and butter mint candies. I remember Uncle Walter taking us to see the Gem of Egypt which was a massive power shovel with a 200 ton bucket used for step mining which was prevalent in the region. It was one of the largest power shovels in the world.

The Wheeling Intelligencer article got picked up in the Barnesville and Martins Ferry papers so a number of people recognized me. Most seemed to know Aunt Pearl and most knew where Temperanceville is which probably has a population under 100.

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  1. How nice you got to visit with your Aunt Pearl.