Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 010- Batimore to Catonsville MD

Warmest day of the walk so far sunny and temp maxing out near 50. Started at the eastern edge of Baltimore.

The WBAL-TV CREW of reporter Arielle and photographer Daniel taped an interview at the St Jude's Shrine for the evening news.
Joan had always wanted to go to the St Jude Shrine but we never made it. She actually put a decal on my car for the shrine.

When I was in the St Jude gift shop I heard a voice that Joan and I had heard a lot the past three decades. It was John Butterworth the Philly area traffic reporter.

Buck Buchanan, one of my plebe year roommates served flawlessly as my escort for the day. I thought navigating across the Delaware Memorial bridge was a challenge. I had a half dozen or so tasks that needed to be accomplished and he always got me in the right place at the right time.

Buck and I had a real challenge taking today's US 40 Today photo of Batimore row homes. The author said he took the photos near Fayette and Carrollton. We walked for a block in each direction and felt we were so close but there was always something that wasn't right with each location. William Gunn a local resident asked us if we needed. help. He has lived there since 1984 and his wife's family since 1939. He confirmed that the one way traffic pattern was the same in 1983 and after studying the picture for quite some time told us we had to go five blocks east to Fremont. He was dead on. Two things he said amazed me. He said someone from Ohio had been asking about the same picture and that he had a copy of the 1953 version of the picture in his house with the two young boys posing for the picture that are probably on social security.

The time Joan and I did an AVA walk in Baltimore was on an LBW bus trip in April of 2006. We did a 13 K walk that started at Fort McHenry and looped around the Inner Harbor where there was a Tall Ship Festival.

I was shocked when I crossed the Hilton Parkway and there were fellow Liberty Bell Wanders Pat Crisfulla, Doris Simon, Carol Rautenstrauch & Ellie Kuntz. They had quite a time finding me with all the route changes I was making. They joined me for the rest of the walk and Buck was able to get all of them back to their car in his van.

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  1. Glad to hear you had a warmer day today and friends to join you along the way . Loved the photo of the row homes .... My son lived in a Baltimore row home for several years .