Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beginnings of US 40

Joan bought me the book "US 40 Today" which was written by a married couple who traveled US 40 coast to coast in 1983 and tried to take the exact same pictures that a college professor did in his book "US 40" in 1953.

I am trying to take the same pictures 30 / 60 years later. The first picture is looking down at the War Memorial at the intersection of Ventnor & Albany two blocks from the ocean.

The 1953 picture was taken from the Roosevelt Hotel which was imploded in 1979. The 1983 picture was taken from the Mayfair Building which suffered a similar fate. The building manager of the Enclave, a high rise condo was kind enough to let me go on their roof which was the closest I could get to recreating the shot.

In both of the earlier pictures there was a very distinct building on the left with a clock tower where there is now a parking lot. I confirmed with a historian in the Atlantic City library that it was the old Atlantic City High School which relocated in1994.

Walk will start tomorrow from the boardwalk at Albany Ave between 10 & 11 AM. Fox 29 Philly is planning a live interview at 9:30.

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